Singer , Songwriter , Lyricist

Kurdish and Persian Artist



Hazhar Saleh is a Musical artist. He was born in July, 1st, 1992 in Erbil, Iraqthe lead singer of Black Cats (band) Is a Kurdish and Persian Musician, singer, songwriter currently residing in Los Angeles.

Hazhar Joined the Black Cats band in December 2018. His first song with black cats was Jonoon , labeled by avang, which has over millions of views on Iranian platforms. Then he wrote and sang Cheshmak for the Black Cats (band) in 2019.


Early life

Hazhar was born on July 1st, 1992, in a Kurdish family in Erbil, Iraq. Hazhar was only 5 when he started going to school, he was always one of the best students in the class, and because of his excellent voice, he became every teacher's favorite student. Finally, in 2011 hazhar finished high school, and he started working on music immediately. He began recording and putting his vocal on a couple covered music. On the first day of Nowruz, Hazhar bought his first Guitar. Hazhar was always dreaming about having a guitar like that, so it was the best opportunity to make his dream come true. He started learning Guitar and Piano himself. After six months, Hazhar learned the guitar and piano chords, and he could play and sing some Persian songs. 

Release of first studio album

Before Hazhar Join the Black Cats band, He was a Kurdish singer in Iraq's Kurdistan region. wrote three melodies in 2011 in the titles of (Hasti NamoyiDeli Mn, and Tanyayi). In 2012 he decided to publish his first Kurdish music video Hasti Namoyi and then Deli Mn Music Video. He released his first album Hasti Namoyi in the same year.


A Letter from Bollywood

In June 2016, Hazhar received a letter from Indian Producer and Actor Anil KapoorMr.Kapoor was Impressed when he saw Hazhar singing in Hindi. He sent Hazhar a letter and invited him to India.


Concerts with Black Cats band

After Hazhar Joined the Black Cats band, they did a couple of concerts in Montreal, Toronto, Los Angeles in 2019.